Tara Lynne Award


The Tara Lynne Touesnard Memorial Award was founded in February 1995 and is given annually in memory of Tara Lynne, a young fiddler dedicated to old time fiddling who possessed a concern of community affairs and a willingness to share her talents.

The award is presented to a person who best exemplifies the qualities of Tara Lynne, her dedication to the preservation and enhancement of old time fiddling, devotion to community service and her pleasant and outgoing personality.

 The Award

The award is made up of two parts, the Memorial and a trophy that is presented to the individual.

The Memorial

Tara Lynne Award


The award is a wooden piece hand carved by Moncton artist Mr Reinis Freimanis and consists of a Mahogany base, a flameless candle and holder, two stemmed roses, one white and one dark, situated to the left of the piece; a violin and bow with music stand and sheet music of Jim Hardy’s composition           “In Memory of Tara Lynne”

  • The burning candle and holder to the right means life.
  • Blossoms on the right side with stems pointing left mean brightness
  • White Rose means life Dark Rose means death
  • Violin is soul of the girl; symbol of her music.


Individual Trophy

Tara Lynne Award


The individual trophy is made up in the form of an open book with laminated pictures of Tara Lynne on the left and the Memorial on the right. The recepients name and year are engraved on the trophy

 Award Nominations

Nominations for the award may be sent to the

Secretary of the Maritime Fiddlers Association.


 Past Winners

1995           Ivan & Vivian Hicks

1996          Jim Delaney

1997          Keith Ross

1998         Lee Lowerison

1999         Ron Noiles

2000        Ernest Despres

2001       Lorimer Higgins

2002       Jocelyn Bourque

2003      Kimberley Holmes

2004     Jamie & Liz Durning

2005     Garold Hanscom

2006     Jack Sibley

2007     Lloyd Tattrie

2008     Art Benedict

2009     Raymond & Marlene MacDonald

2010     Gordon Spears

2011     Al McVicar

2012     R Douglas Morash

2013     Helen Edgar

2014    Susie Eisan

2015    Krista Touesnard

2016    Ken Wood

2017    Mary Smith

2018     Susan Butler

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