Since 1981, The Maritime Fiddlers Association has been committed to promoting and preserving old time fiddling. Today, the association supports a growing membership of approximately 600 persons from across Canada, USA, UK, and Europe


The Maritime Fiddlers Association (MFA) is a non-profit organization that promotes old time fiddling in the Canadian Maritime region.  The MFA was first formed March 28, 1981, and currently has approximately 600 members from around the globe.  The MFA continues a strong tradition of supporting all ages in fiddle related events including concerts, contests, festivals, workshops, and the ever popular ‘Fiddle-Doo’.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • to preserve old time fiddling music
  • to promote informal fiddling ‘jam sessions’
  • to improve the promotion of old time fiddling such as through the media
  • to encourage public interest in old time fiddling as part of our culture
  • to keep fiddlers and interested persons informed of fiddling news and things of interest to fiddlers and fans

We aim to keep old time fiddling a part of our culture by supporting local fiddling events and encouraging our next generation of fiddlers to join in the fun.  We believe this rich tradition will continue to grow with friendly encouragement.

The MFA honours groups and individuals who help preserve and promote old time fiddling, with the presentation of awards, certificates, and life time memberships.


On March 28, 1981, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the MFA was formed.  The first executive committee consisted of President Ronald Noiles, Vice President Harry Blaxland, and Secretary/Treasurer Bill Guest.  The first board directors included Earl Mitton and Ivan Hicks, both of New Brunswick, and Robert Joudrey, Ronald Noiles, Stan Chapman, Florence Killen, Keith Ross, and Lloyd Tattrie, all of Nova Scotia.

The MFA’s first newsletter was published on May 23, 1981 by Editor Florence Killen.  The newsletter has grown into a prized periodical published quarterly and is distributed to MFA members.

Since 1981, the MFA has grown from 100 members to over 600 members from all over the world.


Today, the MFA is governed by the following executive committee:

  • President – Marcel Boulerice (NB)
  • 1st Vice President –  Julie Johnstone (NS)
  • 2nd Vice President – Stacey Read (NB)
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Brenda Parker
  • Junior Executive Member – Sara Johnson
  • Past President – Diane Hicks (NS)
  • Music Librarian – Ron Noiles

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